Bear with us as we compile a list of local road loops, gravel loops, and mountain bike trails. We’ll have a more comprehensive guide to rides around Columbia soon.

For information on mountain bike trails at Rock Bridge State Park click here. Always be sure to check that the mountain bike trails are open before riding. You can call the trail conditions hotline at 573-442-2249

For information on mountain bike trails at Cosmopolitan Park click here.

Road Rides

Ashland LoopThis classic Southern Boone County loop combines some of the best hills in the area with Rangeline Road, a nice open road near the Columbia Regional Airport. 40 miles with roughly 1,300 feet of climbing.

Big Tree LoopArguably the most famous route in the area, the Big Tree Loop is a good mix of pavement that passes by the famous Champion Bur Oak tree just Southwest of town. 25-30 miles with roughly 1,200 feet of climbing.

Tuesday Night WorldsThe route for the local "Tuesday Night Worlds" group ride. 25 miles with roughly 620 feet of climbing.

Fake Fayette LoopThis route explores some of the pavement Northwest of town in both Boone and Howard counties. Continue on Highway 124 to make this a full Fayette Loop. 60 miles with over 2,100 feet of climbing.

Centralia-Moberly CenturyThe Northeast portion of this loop is fairly flat, while the Northwest has some rolling terrain. Just over 100 miles with roughly 2,200 feet of climbing.






Gravel Rides

Short Southern RouteThis is a local "go to" gravel route in the area. Minimal pavement due to MKT and Katy Trail access! 30 miles with roughly 1,200 feet of climbing. 

Long Southern RouteThis route makes for a challenging day. The Southern portion of the loop utilizes great roads through the Mark Twain National Forest before crossing Highway 63 and eventually heading back into town on the Katy and MKT trails. 65 miles, 2,200 feet of climbing.

Western RouteThe beginning of this route is a mix of gravel and pavement that ends up on the Katy Trail before heading back into town. 48 miles with 1,800 feet of climbing.

BOCOMO Fondo: This is the route for the BOCOMO Fondo which takes place every Spring. The route is roughly 60% gravel and 40% pavement. Be sure to bring lots of water as there is little opportunity for refills! 80 miles with nearly 3,000 feet of climbing.