boone county triple threat


The Boone County Triple Threat™(#BooneCoTripleThreat) is a challenge from us to you. Complete all three centuries posted here by the end of the year and get an embroidered patch (pictured above). Simple as that. Provide proof that you've completed these routes by showing us your GPS files (e.g. your Strava or Garmin profiles). For those folk who resist the use of GPS assistance while riding we'll accept a variety of other types of proof. For example, a more simple computer with accurate distance recorded along with photos of yourself on the route while holding a current newspaper will suffice.

The routes in question contain a mixture of gravel and pavement. This is Boone County after all. And yes, we know that some of the routes go outside of Boone County, but it's just more fun that way. Each route is meant to be a challenge. You can expect to climb. A lot. You'll find GPS links with queue sheets below. To all those that take up this challenge, good luck!